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Delta Blues
and More
I'm Brad Webb.  I was born and raised in Memphis, TN, which has a rich musical
heritage known the world over from Rock n Roll, Blues, Gospel, Rockabilly, Soul
and R&B.  I was blessed to be touched by all of these.  I got my first guitar, a $13
Kay with painted on pick guard at age 14, a Silver tone at 15 and a Fender Strat
at 16.
When I started playing gigs at 15 in 1966, Memphis music was going strong and I
was interested in all of it.  George Klein, a Memphis DJ, had a TV show called
Dance Party that always had local bands and international acts such as The
Gentry's, Booker T & the MG's, Charlie Rich etc, so as youngsters, we learned to
compete at a high level of musicianship.
As early as 1966, my cousin Nick Kourvelas who played drums, and I would take
a bus to check out Beale Street.  There were a lot of Pawn Shops there and I
learned to buy old guitars and work on them to make extra money.
In 1968-69, the Overton Park Shell had the 1st Blues concert with such acts as
Johnny Winter, Furry Lewis, Bukka White, Mississippi Fred McDowell and local
favorite Moloch.  That was pretty strong Mojo for a teen ager and I was drawn to
slide guitar.  I had never seen so many styles of blues and it was all good.  The
Shell had music every weekend and I caught as much as I could.  That same year,
when I went  to the train station, I heard guitar bouncing off the marble walls.  It
was Furry Lewis playing a National and it raised the hair on my neck.
At this time. The Vietnam War was going on and my draft number was 17.  While
I was in the Navy, I knew that if I got out, I was going to do music the rest of my
I started to play with people like Roland Robinson from Eddie Floyd/Buddy Miles
Band.  Then I met his cousin, the famous Teenie Hodge's from the High Rhythm
Section.  We mixed original music with covers to play clubs.I also taught guitar
from 1973-1993.  I found that very rewarding and it kept me in touch with young
I've been producing, writing, recording  and playing guitar with Blind Mississippi
Morris since 1986.  We all played with Uncle Ben and His Nephews as Beale Street
came alive again in the mid 80's.
When I started the studio in 1985, one thing I wanted to do was record a lot of the
music I was hearing.  The tourists that came from all over the world knew what
they were hearing and it was a shame that none of it was being recorded.
The first people I recorded were Uncle Ben, Ollie "Nightingale" Hoskins, and
Roosevelt Briggs.
I went on and recorded two CD's on Willie Foster, Fred Sanders, John Weston,
Henry Townsend,Blind Mississippi Morris who I produce and play guitar with,
Eric Hughes Band, Robert "Nighthawk" Tooms and The Wompas Cats, Phillip
Dale Durham of the 60's local favorite "Moloch", and The Pocket Rockets
featuring Suzanne Buell.
next project was for two old friends Steve Bryson and Billy Lavender for
Steve's new label I55 Productions called "Memphis Livin".I work
ed for I55  full
time and have started working on a
second Fred Sanders CD.
Steve Bryson always said he would come back to his roots and make a difference
and I believe he already has.

Currently for the last two years I've been helping the Memphis Blues Society and
holding one blues Jam at Rum Boogie on Beale St. and another at the 40 years in
the business "Stage Stop".
I'm still recording such acts as Eric Hughes, Delta lll/Miranda Louise,David
Hudson and myself, Little Boys Blue out of Jackson TN. and Chic Jones and The
PeckerWood Blues Band.

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